czwartek, kwietnia 15, 2010

Wideo dnia #054

Oczekującym na nową płytę The New Pornographers polecam bardzo przyjemny wywiad z A.C. Newmanem.

Szczególnie sympatycznie Allan Carl leci w sprawie tekstów:

I also have to remind myself that some of my favorite bands in the world, like Nirvana or the Pixies, have lyrics that are complete nonsense. People try to imbue them with meaning but, really, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is about nothing. It's basically about itself. It's just a really cool rock song.

I have a few songs that people have tried to figure out and I have to tell them, "Actually, I just thought it sounded cool-- there's no such thing as a letter from an occupant."

No i w sprawie Destroyera:

Even Dan Bejar liked them [The Libertines] and he hates everything.

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